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America’s Next Top Model, All Stars is my guilty pleasure.  This TV show is full of cat fights, great clothes, your favorite contestants from previous seasons, and awesome catwalks, challenges, and guest stars.  LaToya Jackson was in the fourth episode.  The photo shoot paid tribute to Michael Jackson.  It was awesome.  This was my favorite picture of Bre.  Loved it!  

America’s Next Top Model, All Stars is my guilty pleasure.  This TV show is full of cat fights, great clothes, your favorite contestants from previous seasons, and awesome catwalks, challenges, and guest stars.  LaToya Jackson was in the fourth episode.  The photo shoot paid tribute to Michael Jackson.  It was awesome.  This was my favorite picture of Bre.  Loved it!  

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This is the perfect example of why I buy most of my clothes from in-store sales.  In-store sales have absolutely amazing deals and don’t have added shipping fees.  You also get to try stuff on, bla bla bla, I could go on and on. 

Anyway, today I went to Pacsun, a store that I love but think is quite overpriced.  I went straight to the “buy one, get one free” sale.  I found a pair of purple-ish Bullhead Corduroy Shorts that were originally $32.50, but were on sale for $4.99.  I also found a pair of Bullhead Jean Shorts that were originally $36.99, but were on sale for $6.99.  And not only that, they were “buy one, get one free,” so I got both pairs of shorts for $7.49, plus tax.  Crazy awesome deal!  I know, it’s almost winter.  There is no fucking way I’m going to be going around in short-shorts in this weather, even in NC.  But I don’t give a shit cuz I just got me some shorts for less than $10.  So I’m happy.  And of course you can’t get these online because they’re out of season.  So yeah, I highly recommend in-store sales, but you better leave some stuff for me. :)   

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It’s time for Busch Gardens Howl o’ Scream!!  I went this past weekend to Busch Gardens, Williammsburg, VA.  It’s the 13th anniversary of Howl o’ Scream, so of course that made it even more awesome.  I love Alpengeist.  It has always been my favorite because it has so many twists and loops, and also has a great view of the park.  My next favorite would have to be Apollo’s Chariot.  It has so many drops, and it is definitely one of the best rides in the park.  Griffon is overrated.  It is not a bad ride, but it is so smooth that you barely feel the 90 degree drop.  Don’t believe me?  Try it yourself.  I don’t really like Loch Ness Monster.  It’s a pretty mild roller coaster.  I like the tunnel, and it would be an amazing roller coaster if it was twice as big.  As tradition calls for, we had a screaming contest on the Battering Ram.  We also went on DaVinci’s Cradle.  

Howl o’ Scream happens throughout the park.  There are plays and entertainment everywhere.  There are zombies with chainsaws between France and Germany, wolves between Ireland and France, and clowns on the bridge in Italy.  It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of smoke.  There is a haunted house under Escape From Pompei.  And there are a few more through out the park.  Howl o’ Scream at night is the best time of the year to go to Busch Gardens, Williamsbug, VA.

Mach Tower was just built.  It is an exhilarating 240 foot drop.  It is amazing.  You must try it.  Verbolten is the Autobahn themed roller coaster that is going to open in 2012.  It will be built in the place of Big Bag Wolf.  I am very excited for this ride to open and I am expecting a lot of high speed craziness.

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It’s time for my nail polish rave!  I think fall nail polish is all about dark, vampy colors and jewel tones.  I have tried several different brands of nail polish.  Here are my reviews on 3 of them.

OPI is way to expensive for anyone in their right mind to purchase every color.  This nail polish is definitely high quality.  OPI is top dog of all other nail polish brands.  If you want the best, this is the best.  They have tons of amazing shades and collections.  The stuff dries quickly and does not chip very easily.  These polishes are beautiful.  I recommend only buying your favorite color.  Do not buy some crazy glittery shit unless that’s just your thing.  Buy a color that you will use almost everyday.  My signature color is Teal We Meet Again (pictured at the top).  EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST ONE COLOR FROM THIS BRAND.

China Glaze is relatively pricey.  They give a whole lot of polish for your money.  So you definitely get your money’s worth.  These polishes are very pretty.  Their metallic colors are better than their matte ones.  You should GIVE ONE OF THESE A TRY.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear is not worth a dime.  These polishes are basically good for about 5 uses.  After that you are stuck with a nasty, gooey, clumpy, smelly load of shit.  This is only good if you are buying some crazy glow in the dark crap that you only plan on wearing once.  DO NOT BUY THIS.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects are way way over priced.  They do last for about 2 weeks.  They are very easy to put on.  I put top coat over it to give it some extra glue, but it isn’t necessary.  These are fabulous if you want some DIY pattern.  They have some very cute patterns and designs to choose from.  I have become a huge fan of these, and if I could afford it, I would wear these everyday.  These are a MUST TRY.

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I love a good perfume. I strongly believe that everyone should smell good.  Maybe not all the time…if your sweating it out and kicking ass, you don’t have you smell that amazing.  Everyone should have a nice fragrance selection or a favorite scent.  Not all good perfume is expensive, but I still recommend keeping a look out for sales at perfume and makeup stores.  Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to perfume.  Here is one that I hate, and one that I adore.

JustCavalli Perfume for Her is not expensive at all, and for a good reason.  I got mine for $15 at TJ Maxx.  It is the most repulsive fragrance I have ever smelled.  If the world’s sexiest people where wearing this stuff, I would still run the other way.  It is so fucking disgusting.  Basically it smells like a sticky, sweating, vanilla beach puked on you and then rolled you around in the sand.  If you are a rabid fan of vanilla, YOU SHOULD STILL NOT BUY THIS.

Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers for Women has been my favorite fragrance for the past 6 months.  It is absolutely delicious.  It is rich, cheerful, and juicy.  It is just plain amazing.  It has strong and vibrant floral and fruity notes, and has a musky, woodsy undertone.  It is full of energy and youth.  It is such a fun fragrance.  Everyone I know loves it.  It also lasts long, especially in your hair.  I usually spray it once in my hair and once on my neck.  It lasts for about 8 hours, but in my hair it can stay for 16 hours.  It is $55 for a 1.7 oz bottle at Sephora.  I typically don’t recommend getting the 3.4 oz bottle, but this stuff is to die for.  So if you are willing to spend the extra $20, go for it.  This stuff is THE FRAGRANCE OF THE GODS.

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It’s getting cold again and my irrational feel of becoming pale is back.  I have naturally tan skin but it looks fades to a nasty pale-ish color in the winter.  I don’t have anything against pale skin, but when my skin gets pale it ain’t pretty and I cannot pull it off.  

I have tried Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer.  It works.  It really does.  It gives you a natural looking, gradual tan.  It makes your skin super soft, and it gives you a good tan.  It works ten times better if you spend some time outside with this stuff on.  It will give your tan a deeper color without the burn.  But let me warn you…this stuff have the funkiest smell.  It is nasty.  I usually only wear this before I go to sleep.  You should also wash your hands after you put this on, because it could stain your hands after the color develops.  Also, it may show up on your towels after you shower.  Overall, this is a great product that will give you a fabulous even tan at the price of a weird smell.  So, if you really want a tan this winter, DEFINITELY TRY THIS PRODUCT.

Moist Hemp Bronzing Moisturizer was my impulse buy at Sally’s.  I needed a moisturizer, and and this stuff came in a gigantic bottle.  This is an awful self tanner.  It will give you a very, very gradual tan and a very faint trace of extra color.  It does however work as a very good tan extender.  But again the smell is not for everyone.  It smells like a sour-pineapple-coconut-fake beach thingy.  (try to make sense of that) If you already have a tan and just need something to maintain your color, THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU.  (but don’t get the gigantic bottle.  it’s just too much.)

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xxiv-mcmxci asked: Hi (: Just curious how much did you pay for your bag? Also, i have the same stand and actually i had the same problem and i called the store where i got it and they replaced mine and its fine now, just a bad handful i suppose.

That’s awesome.  I wish I had thought to get mine replaced.  I got my bag for $99 dollars from  If you buy it from them, you should check for free shipping deals because the shipping fee could be a little steep.

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I have been boxing/ kickboxing for about 4 months now.  I took a class once a week for a month but now I practice at my house.  When you are having a shitty day and all you want to do is punch someone in the face, boxing gloves and a heavy bag are your best friends.  It’s also a kick ass way to get into shape.  It takes a lot of energy and it’s really fun.

I have the Everlast 100-lbs C3 Foam Heavy Bag.  I’m no Muhammad Ali so I did not expect to be tearing up heavy bags left and right.  But this bag is very sturdy.  It has extra padding around it, and it doesn’t have any weird lumps or holes.  It feels solid wherever you punch it, it’s not as if all of the stuff inside it is sinking to the bottom.  If you want to add a heavy bag to your home gym, this is a MUST HAVE.

I bought the Everlast Single Station Heavy Bag Stand.  I followed the instructions and bought three 50-lbs weights to secure the stand to my floor.  You can hear the stand rattle and shake every time you punch the bag.  It does not feel sturdy at all.  My bag actually unscrewed itself from the stand after just a week.  I do not recommend buying this stand.  I threw mine out, and now my heavy bag is leaning against a corner in my house.  It works ten times better than the stand.  DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SHIT.

I have Everlast Pro Style Gloves in 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz.  My brothers and I all share the same bag.  I use the 12oz gloves.  They fit well, and they are still in good condition.  They are not very expensive.  YOU NEED THESE GLOVES.

When buying a heavy bag and gloves, use the brand website as an inventory.  Do not buy products directly from the brand.  I got my bag for nearly half of the original price by using  You can find a lot of great deals by simply doing some research.  HAVE FUN!

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The makeup junkie in me is going crazy on this one.  I adore urban decay eyeliners.  They come in gorgeous, amazing colors.  They are super smooth and stay on forever.  They look fantastic on everyone.  They don’t get clumpy or gradually trickle down your face.  Do they smear and bleed?  Nope.  They are the most perfect eyeliner ever.  I own Zero and Bourbon.  They are a little expensive, but I use eyeliner almost everyday and I have about five inches left on a pencil I’ve been using for almost a year.  I also love Maybelline Falsies Mascara.  Get it in waterproof and you will never use any other mascara ever again.  It makes your lashes look thicker and doesn’t give them that weird grayish color that some mascaras have.  I have used both of these products for about a year.  And I’ve worn them to the beach many times.  My eyeliner and mascara still looked close to perfect during days of biking, swimming, and tanning.  These are a MUST HAVE.

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I have had Vibram Five-Fingers Trek Sport shoes for a week now.  I run 6 days a week, and I love them.  I used to have Saucony ProGrind, but they hurt my arch and I used to lose feeling in my toes.  That hasn’t happened at all with my new Vibrams!!  I typically run on asphalt, but I run at least once a week on a trail.  Vibrams work great on both surfaces.  I have only had one problem with my new kicks.  I got a blister on the back of both of my heels because you can’t wear socks with Vibrams, but a blister band aid did the trick.  Barefoot running definitely isn’t for everyone because it’s kind of weird.  So if you love running but hate your shoes, you should GIVE IT A SHOT.

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