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It’s getting cold again and my irrational feel of becoming pale is back.  I have naturally tan skin but it looks fades to a nasty pale-ish color in the winter.  I don’t have anything against pale skin, but when my skin gets pale it ain’t pretty and I cannot pull it off.  

I have tried Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer.  It works.  It really does.  It gives you a natural looking, gradual tan.  It makes your skin super soft, and it gives you a good tan.  It works ten times better if you spend some time outside with this stuff on.  It will give your tan a deeper color without the burn.  But let me warn you…this stuff have the funkiest smell.  It is nasty.  I usually only wear this before I go to sleep.  You should also wash your hands after you put this on, because it could stain your hands after the color develops.  Also, it may show up on your towels after you shower.  Overall, this is a great product that will give you a fabulous even tan at the price of a weird smell.  So, if you really want a tan this winter, DEFINITELY TRY THIS PRODUCT.

Moist Hemp Bronzing Moisturizer was my impulse buy at Sally’s.  I needed a moisturizer, and and this stuff came in a gigantic bottle.  This is an awful self tanner.  It will give you a very, very gradual tan and a very faint trace of extra color.  It does however work as a very good tan extender.  But again the smell is not for everyone.  It smells like a sour-pineapple-coconut-fake beach thingy.  (try to make sense of that) If you already have a tan and just need something to maintain your color, THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU.  (but don’t get the gigantic bottle.  it’s just too much.)

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